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painters painting en plein air along The Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, photo: Katherine Hanson

Ogunquit Artists

Fine Artists, Plein Air Painters, Photographers & Creators

Discover the artists who create in Perkins Cove and around Ogunquit, Maine. Some are life-long locals, some are seasonal summer residents, and some are "from away." And all have a love for the beauty of Perkins Cove, The Marginal Way, Ogunquit Beach, our quaint downtown village, and the rough hewn shoreline that meets the briny blue Atlantic, that meets the ever-changing horizon.


Artist. Painter. Dreamer.

Painting, "Rolling Like Thunder," 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas by Jeffrey T. Fitgerald

"The theme of the work has always been the in between. I call this shoreline, my compositions are a door newly ajar, an edge to a neighbor's treasured yard; canvases in conversation, living the eager. The eager of next to fly-I build." - Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald

Jeffrey Fitzgerald is an artist who senses as much as sees all that calls to him― the briny breeze drifting swiftly over cold water that is all at once blue, green, grey, white; the roughhewn coastline with craggy sharp-edged and smooth round rocks; the softly dancing leaves whether tethered to their branches or softly falling to the autumn ground; the sky hued on perfect slow summer days, by fast winter squalls, and quiet gloamings as the sun fades into night.

His work, now in its fifth decade, is described as majestic, vivid, and mysterious. He was raised in a small river city, but he grew in the beautiful coastal town of Ogunquit, Maine, and blossomed as he studied art in Amherst and began his lifelong pursuit of his aesthetic expression in Manhattan. His medium: bold acrylic and mixed media on linen and canvas. The brushstrokes that harken the way he sees his world are passionate and determined, and his palettes evoke his memories of the extraordinary places he has lived and loved and sojourned and dreamed.

Inspiration, he says, “comes from the process and the subject finding a balance. From graphite dust on a surface to pigment's weight across the canvas, the painting is coupled to a place. I am often seaweed being pushed onto sand,” and his experience shaped by memories of “carefree days of sun where tidal change interrupted by the foghorn was my town.”

Studios in Manhattan and York, Maine allow Jeffrey to paint  close to his imagination’s touchstones. And galleries from Kennebunkport to Provincetown to Boston and New York City offer his patron collectors' and first-time collectors spaces to see current works.

JM anchor


20180206_MARBLE Jennifer hres-17-enhance-bw2_edited.jpg

Designer. Web Creator. Marketing Services Consultant

Say hello to Jennifer Marble.

Since she relocated home to Ogunquit after many years living and working in The Florida Keys, Jennifer Marble has been specializing in Ogunquit and Perkins Cove marketing services. You can see a bit of her recent here work in the newly redesigned Barnacle Billy's website, Salty Lewer Charter Fishing website and this, the Perkins Cove 03907 website. Jennifer jokes that her goal is to creat websites or provide the marketing services for every business in The Cove. She also offers in-kind marketing support - including graphic design, web updates, and social media services to our annual Ogunquit Perkins Cove Plein Air Event, held in September.

About Jennifer

"I enlisted Jennifer Marble’s help in building a new website to better represent the two restaurants (Barnacle Billy's and Barnacle Billy's Etc.).  I found out about her (from) Amy Forbes from Perkins Cove Candies...Amy said I would love Jennifer, her attention to detail and the ease of working with her on the Barnacle Billy’s/Bunny Clark sections of this site. I did. In fact, I liked her work and working with her so much that I had her design the new Barnacle Billy’s site. The only thing I asked, besides making it look good and easy to use, was that I be able to edit it myself. So far I have been too busy to sit down and master it. But I have done some editing. And she will add anything to the site that I need quickly. She also completed a very informative instruction booklet that I can use on my own...

I can tell you that having someone local, like Jennifer, who is so adept at working on the website with all the new online enhancements and who knows the search engines like a Ferrari mechanic knows his machine is refreshingly delightful...  I highly suggest that if you are interested in building a new site that you get in touch with her."

- Tim Tower, Barnacle Billy's and Barnacle Billy's, Etc. 

Business Listings Now Available Here

At Perkins Cove 03907 we support business in Perkins Cove. We also support the countless Artists who create art in and around The Cove and throughout Ogunquit. Now we are offering business listings for artists - from Plein Air painters and studio painters, to photographers and artists who work in pastels, mixed media, screen print, and more.

Annual listings on our artist page include 8-10 images, 200 words of text and a button link to your website or social media page.

And, any artists with PC 03907 business listings may self-post weekly our our Facebook group.  To learn more about benefits and the excellent exposure our website and social pages offer, please reach out to us.

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